The Margaret Mead Film Festival

Margaret Mead, American cultural anthropologist
Margaret Mead, American cultural anthropologist (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
News and Updates:

 "The Margaret Mead Film Festival, themed “Past Forward,” explores how cultural touchstones needn’t be trapped in amber but can serve as important guides for modern life, during its 2014 program from October 23 to October 26."

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The 10 Best Appetizing Counters in NYC - Page 2 | Village Voice

The 10 Best Appetizing Counters in NYC - Page 2 | Village Voice:

 "Zabar's (2245 Broadway, 212-787-2000)
One of New York City's most famous grocery stores, Zabar's started as an appetizing counter within another market in 1934 and quickly expanded, eventually becoming the half-block complex it is today. Its renowned appetizing section features numerous deli salads, five kinds of caviar, olives and cheeses from all over the world, and several varieties of in-house smoked fish. Zabar's also has the benefit of a great bakery section as well, carrying babkas, rugelach, bagels, and bialys."

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Music Now Sextet! - Ras Moshe - YouTube

Music Now Sextet! - Ras Moshe - YouTube:


Monday July 14th, 2014

Ras Moshe Residency

107 Suffolk Street
New York, NY 10002
United States
7:30PM - 8:30PM - Music Now:Spring Changes
Ras Moshe - reeds
Tim Stocker - baritone sax
Kyoko Kitamura - voice
Anders Nilsson - guitar
John Pietaro - vibes
Lester St. Louis - cello
8:45PM - 9:45PM - Katie Bull Ensemble
Katie Bull - vocals/compositions
Landon Knoblock - fender & electronics
Ratzo Harris - bass
George Schuller - drums
Jeff Lederer - tenor & soprano sax, clarinet
10:00PM - 11:00PM - Matt Lavelle's 12 Houses
Francois Grillot - bass
Laura Ortman - violin
Ryan Sawyer - drums
John Pietaro - vibes
Anais Maviel - voice
Lee Odom - clarinet
Claire DeBrunner - bassoon
Mary Cherney - flute
Charles Waters - alto sax
Ras Moshe - tenor sax & flute
Anders Nilsson - guitar
Chris Forbes - piano

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