The closest we come to a Christmas Miracle today.

We listened to William Burroughs recite his long form The Junky’s Christmas . . . again.

Snap! Snap! Is all one can say.

And yes again we are pleased, and also again we picked up another insight we hadn't caught the last few times we listened to it.

Burroughs manages to mash-up the traditional Christmas Spirit tale, the cold, grey, very real, Christmas experienced by city street people, a glimpse into the heroin addicts' lifestyle and humanity, and he caps it off with Christmas Miracle of a different sort than expected.

All of this recited to a wonderful beat-jazz-rap soundtrack.

If you haven't already done so, go and get this track and give it a listen.

The Junky’s Christmas is included on the “Spare Ass Annie And Other Tales” album; a collaboration with the Hip-Hop/Jazz group Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy.

With Afghani H on the rise, returning Vets hitting the concrete, and increasing unemployment this tale of The Junky’s Christmas may be very relevant to the season.

Happy Holidays, and . . . Enjoy.


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