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we're very excited with the new collection of images that NYU has posted on flickr.

{the image to the left is our own, not part of the collection.}

NYU's Robert F. Wagner's Labor Archives have made available online over one-hundred-fifty images which should be of interest to Labor History buffs.

for instance,
there's the cover to the May 1941, first issue of "The Telephone Worker".

great logo! an American Bald Eagle swooping downward with an old candlestick telephone in its talons. Apologists should be ecstatic. no radicals here, baby!

-oops! take that back! there's a poster advertising a lecture by Miss Rose Schneiderman(n)!

"Public officials have only words of warning to us – warning that we must be intensely peaceable, and they have the workhouse just back of all their warnings.

"The strong hand of the law beats us back, when we rise, into the conditions that make life unbearable.

"I can't talk fellowship to you who are gathered here. Too much blood has been spilled. I know from my experience it is up to the working people to save themselves.

"The only way they can save themselves is by a strong working-class movement".

– Rose Schneidermann, The Triangle Fire(1911).

the Labor set contains a subset: Women in Labor that clearly show that Women have always had more B***s than many men, . . . .er, uh, we can say that right?

peeps, the originals ARE available at Tamiment Library,

70 Washington Square South
(West 4th btwn LaGuardia and Greene Streets)
Telephone: 212-998-2630

in solidarity,

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