competent and qualified

Laura over at What in the World? Blog had some interesting comments on the recent airplane crash into the Hudson River and it got me to thinking.

i've been annoyed that the media doesn't mention that every person responsible for the survival of the passengers, from Captain Sullenberger, to the Stewards, Air Traffic Controllers, Police and Rescue Workers are Union Members.

lately the media has done a good job portraying Union People as lazy, spoiled (as if these traits were limited to the unionized worker) and ultimately responsible for every failed company that has waltzed down to Washington with a cup in their hand.

we rarely hear the terms competent and qualified attached to our Union Brothers and Sisters.

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laurie said...

...which is very odd because many of us journalists ARE union people!

at least, my newsroom is.

pink dogwood said...

thanks for stopping by my blog. I was reading your profile and I also believe in the random fact #8 "humanity is more good than evil"

Nice meeting you :)