Home-Sweet-Home @Chamber St. Subway, NYC

HOMELESS Daily Census
(For March 26, 2009)
8,077 Families
With Children
1,287 Adult Families
6,858 Single Adults

35,072 Total Individuals

every day on our way to work we see homeless folk sleeping on the sidewalk, in the subway stations, in the parks. many are veterans [the drabs are telling].

one particular group around the City Hall area made us curious. ya see, there's a homeless shelter right above the subway station. yet they prefer to sleep as they do, AWAY from the shelter . . .

The Story of Linda Hamilton


The "Rooms" photo-essay by photographer Fred Conrad; a rotating view of one cramped, overcrowded room in a homeless shelter. evidence of why the street is a better bed for so many.

The New York Times

Foreclosures and Lay-Offs = Americans trickling down to Shanty Towns.

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david mcmahon said...

What a thought-provoking observation.

. said...

Oh my. That is so sad, yet so motivating. Makes me want to do something like volunteer or donate. In fact I think I will.

Susy said...

Hello, thank you for having visited my blog and that you have liked. I also follow(continue) you. He(she) forgives my Englishman(English), I also am practicanto and, if you prefer it, we can express in Spanish.

Regards from Madrid.

bARE-eYED sUN said...


ya que somos bilingues hablaremos "ESPANGLISH", ?no? ;-)

probaremos, a ver que resulta mejor. por el momento quiero decirle que su blog Miradas de Mariposa es muy interesante.

gracias por la visita


aurbie said...

I used to photograph a lot of the homeless when I was working for a large newspaper. Not much has changed except that the numbers have grown.

Sad situation. Thanks for the insight. It is something that needs to be covered on a daily basis. The media drags it out around the holidays.

I like all of your photos. You should join us in our "My Town" weekly shoot outs. We don't have anyone from NY.

However, I need to clarify what Butler and Bagman have in mind, Something about wild animals. He is such a kidder. But then...?

So far, we have done houses, cemeteries, people, and churches. We let participants take turns picking the assignments, and we go by alphabetical order (based on user names).

Susy said...

De acuerdo, así será y ya iremos viendo como resulta jajaja.

Un abrazo y muchas gracias!!!

bARE-eYED sUN said...


thank you for the "MY TOWN" invitation. the thing of it is that if we do participate it will be as infrequent as our blogging.

we try to make time but there never seems to be enough of that, yoonohwaddahmeen? ;-)


Anonymous said...

That's sad. I donate to a homeless shelter in DC that focuses on education and helping people get off the streets. It's a hard problem because I don't really know what to do - other than send a check every now and then.

Captain Dumbass said...

We have a big homeless problem in Vancouver as well. Because it's the warmest part of the country they tend to move out here from everywhere.

Just Jules said...

There are rules to be followed at a shelter - this is why some chose not to go...

I love your thoughtfulness on this issue though. A lot of people tend to turn their eyes.

Our homeless problem is low most of the year due to the cold weather...