Dedicated to . . . ?

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{Dedicated to . . . ?
by O'Dasor De, LAM}

The intersection of Washington Street and Vesey Street is dead-ended by the World Trade center reconstruction site.

At the other end of the block it is dead-ended by the Barclay Building.

So, if we've been paying attention, it is exactly one block long. On one side of Washington Street is the rear end of 7 WTC, on the other side is the rear of the Verizon headquarters.

If one wants to set up a hot dog stand, or a coffee stand, or a mobile breakfast grill the customer base would be limited to whoever exits the buildings on either side plus whatever foot traffic attracted by the reconstruction site moves along Vesey Street toward the World Financial Center.

A substantial amount of people that is moving along rather quickly yet is rarely in the mood for a dirty water tube steak.

Then there are the construction workers.

Now there's a catch!

These burly folk LIVE on a diet of hot dogs and pretzels, regular coffee* and buttered rolls.

*{in NYC "regular" has a tale of its own. more on this at another date.}

Competition for these customers is fierce!

What we see in the picture is ONE of three vendors that compete on this block, the latest vendor to join the melee.

In what is considered a marketing coupe, the vendor had a mural painted on his cart. It reads "DEDICATED TO WORLD TRADE CENTER BUILDERS".

We fully expect the other vendors to follow suit with their own marketing campaigns. We’ll keep you posted. :-)

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