The Box (2009) Trailer

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"Donnie Darko", "Southland Tales": these are two of our favorite
modern-era films, and they are both directed by Richard Kelly.

Kelly fans already know where we're going with this. soon "the Box"
comes to the silver screen, everywhere. and we are anxiously
waiting for the tale to begin.

in a nutshell the story involves a young couple
experiencing money troubles.
sound familiar yet?

a stranger comes a-knocking bearing a gift
and a proposition, a box with one big ole red button.

press the button, a stranger dies,
and you get one cool million. $$$$$$$$

what to do, what to do? what to do . . .


    oh, . . . , did we mention Martians and time-travel?

no? well, check out the teaser -

now, all we need is watch Darko and Southland
one more time and dampen the monkey till we get there.


.hooooodah thunk! . . . agin?

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stregata said...

I haven't seen either of the previous movies (although my husband keeps peskering me to watch Donnie Darko) but you make "The Box" sound very intriguing...

Barry said...

I have no intention of missing this one! I love movies that pose moral dilemmas.

Sadly, I'm also looking forward to 2012, so maybe I'm morally corrupt.

Michele said...

Sounds very interesting. I'm not big on seeing films in the theater. The volume seems to be set to ear bleeding levels. Or am I just old?

A Cuban In London said...

Nice one. I loved Donnie Darko. Seen it about three times now.

Greetings from London.

bARE-eYED sUN said...

hi Stregata, :-)

we can't promise that you'd like "Donnie Darko" as much as we do, its kind of a dark movie. {and "Southland Tales" is a movie critic's nightmare}

we CAN promise that if your husband is a fan he'll keep pushing it on you, Darko fans are like that, obsessive. :-)

in fact, if these movies are about anything, they're about obsessive behavior - - - so, you may as well get it over with, AND make HIM buy the snacks.

let us know, if and when you DO watch any of these, even if the experience is not quite what we built them up to be.

October 30th! yeah!

btw, your siver beads remind us of Frank's{the Rabbit} head! they
ARE cool. :-)

bARE-eYED sUN said...

hey! Cuban,
for us, at LEAST three times,
what a terrible film,
why do we love it so?

our guess is that it says something about free will vs determinism - - - exactly what, well . . . we're just repeating what we hear, we REALLY don't know why we like DARKO, we just DO.


hit the button!


bARE-eYED sUN said...

Barry, Barry, barry,

morally corrupt? you?


2012, ya think so?

the Mayas WERE expecting something
BIG on the year the Spaniards showed up, so maybe?

nah . . .


thanks for the visit.