Hung Out to Dry

this started out as a picture of a clothes line which we can see from where we stood on the elevated train platform.  not a very good shot, but it gave us. . . . well . . .you know the feeling we get sometimes . . . the scene stirs something in us.  anyway, the picture was lousy, nothing special.  still. we knew there was something unexpressable there, we're just not talented. and, though the point and shoot helps tremendously, a gadget cannot make-up for mediocrity.  however, photo-editing? now THERE'S help.:-)
THIS is what we felt, that our camera could not see.


Alicia Abatilli said...

Quizás la mediocridad gane la batalla, pero es mejor seguir luchando.
Muy buena entrada.
Un abrazo.

bARE-eYED sUN said...

gracias, Alicia, y siempe