November 17 Giving Thanks for Beaujolais Wines

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November 17 Giving Thanks for Beaujolais Wines

we pick up traditions the way a brush picks up lint.
we learned to ask for Beaujolais Noveau each November 17th.

we caught the tradition from the father of a young lady we dated.
every year, on the same day, he'd buy a couple of cases of Beaujolais.

The holiday season would start on November 17th
and continue all the way through to January,
as he shared the wine and gave bottles away as gifts.

we liked the sense of renewal that came from the yearly habit,
and so we adopted it for our own, even though the relationship
with the girl has now long been over.

even so, every year when we buy the wine,
we remember that girl and her father.

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Michele said...

I love traditions. And red wine. Any red wine. Probably too much red wine. I think I've said enough.

stregata said...

Ahhhh, Beaujolais Nouveau - that is a lovely tradition. Brings back memories! Although I do prefer Italian and Spanish wines now...

Momza said...

Well I hardly know what beaujolais wine is, other than fermented smashed grapes(?)
but just the name alone sounds lovely! Happy Beaujolais Day to you!

bARE-eYED sUN said...

Stregata, yes!

we too love Spanish wine,
o'course we're no experts, we just know what we like.



bARE-eYED sUN said...

why, thank you, Momza,

and, a belated happy beaujolais day to you as well.



bARE-eYED sUN said...


we LOVE red wine!

o'course we don't drink alcoholic beverages as much as we did in or youth (like a fish), but we DO enjoy a beverage on occasion.

these days one beer and i'm ready for bed.

moral? to everything there is a season. :-)