Nellie McKay born December 13, 1984

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December 13, Nellie McKay b.1984

we remember the first time we heard Nellie McKay sing.
it was on National Public radio and she was singing from
her freshman album: Get Away from Me.

we immediately purchased the album and spent the next month
or so listening to it on a daily basis. every cut on the two-disc album
verges on genius. the flavor, an aquired taste, is American Songbook Standard
crossed with the fresh irony and wit seldom encountered outside a college campus,

we've been praising her work ever since.

though her work received critical acclaim, it appears that McKay has not reached
the audience that she deserves. our guess is that the music industry doesn't know
quite what to do with her.

her subsequent albums have delved into soundtrack, swing, and pop.

her latest work is an homage to the great, today under-appreciated,
Doris Day, with whom Nellie McKay bears an
uncanny resemblance both physically and vocally.

if you haven't given her work a listen,
do it. you may agree with us, she's a real treat.

The Official Nellie McKay Website:
"Even with birthdays separated by 60 years and 10 days, entertainers Nellie McKay and Doris Day are cut from the same cloth. The two share a passion for animal rights, a sunny gosh–gee–swell positivity and a love for the Great American Songbook—as well as a depth, complexity and progressivism that belies the toothy grins for which both are known."

Nellie McKay sings "Sari"

Happy Birthday Nellie,
thank you for the great Swing performance
at Lincoln Center's MidSummer Night Swing
 a couple of years ago. please come back!

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A Cuban In London said...

Holly Molly Cow In The Name of the Father and Jesus H Christ! What was that? I have put Nellie's CD in my amazon wishlist, and will be youtubing her videos tonight. That girl can not only sing but perform and play the piano. The effect under which I am now, I usually call the 'Fiona Apple syndrome' after the first time I heard the famous American singer.

Many, many thanks. That was great!

Greetings from London.

bARE-eYED sUN said...

heh-heh-heh . . . :-)

this was OUR reaction precisely, Cuban. so glad you've enjoyed today's post. and hope that you enjoy the rest of Nellie's music.

thank you for dropping by, friend.


Ken Mac said...

Oh yea, I dig her stuff!

bARE-eYED sUN said...

hey Mac!

thanks for the visit.

we're loving your Boston work,
especially those storefronts. :-)

how you manage to keep plucking away is beyond us. huge output, always fun.

oh, yeah, McKay . . . we dig!