Mrs. Brown

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{the following post was prompted by
 a post at the amusing muses blog}

we taught first, second and third grade many, many moons ago
in our youth and we couldn't hack it.

 it was a lot harder that we'd expected it to be; what with the lesson planning on our own time, the demanding parents, the intramural politics, the lack of respect for our efforts by the village idiots,
 and yadda-yadda . . . so we quit and got a forgettable
job instead.

our eldest daughter, however, DID become (and still remains) a teacher
and she couldn't have made us prouder. she has an enthusiasm and love for
the profession that only serves to remind us of the rewards we turned our back on.

it takes a special person to make a lasting impression (and improvement)
 in a childs' schooling. we still remember our kindergarten school teacher, Mrs. Brown, who gave us our very first book to read and keep.

in retrospect,  this one act has been the most defining moment
 of our life,
and now that we are closer to the end of it than we are to the beginning,
 we can begin to fully apreciate this.

kudos, cheers and blessings
 for our teachers!


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Michele said...

Teachers and most all social service people are totally undervalued. It's very sad. Great shout out to them!

bARE-eYED sUN said...

we join you on this, Michele.