Andrew Zuckerman's Wisdom Exhibit has begun touring North America.

It is currently showing at the Winter Garden
at the World Financial Center in New York.

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Michele said...

I love old people. I always have. Now, I'm married to one but I guess I'm older too.

Deeptesh said...

Was having some problem with the comments tab. This is really nice.Loved this post.Hadn't heard about Zuckerman earlier.So, thanks a lot for sharing.

Drop by my place too.I've given it a new look.

A Cuban In London said...

What a fantastic exhibit. A great way to celebrate our golden years (I refuse to believe that I will be approaching the end, I will just moving into another dimension) :-)

Greetings from London.

Anonymous said...

Neat post. I enjoyed it.

Momza said...

Old people = peace. loved this!

Momza said...

Had to watch it twice...just to soak it up more! Best thing I've read in a week or more!!! Thanks!

Tabitha Blue said...

What a great way to celebrate age! Wisdom really does come with age... usually. What a great exhibit.


María said...

Hola amigo.
Que tengas una bonita semana llena de sueños y realidades.

Besos desde Murcia

Jeannette StG said...

His face would be great to sculpt or paint...have you been away for a while...? Guess you also stopped your other page...have a great Sunday, friend!

Ken Mac said...

thanks for keeping up with me...I gotta keep up with you!