PARIS MUSEUM PASS: Presentation and Advantages

The Pass: Presentation and Advantages: "With the PARIS MUSEUM PASS, you gain free entry, without queuing and as many times as you wish, to over 60 museums and monuments in and around Paris.

The more you visit, the more you save."

here's the catch: we were in Paris for seven days. there's so much to do in Paris that we only went to museums twice.. actually, we visited ONE museum . . . The Louvre!

the Paris Museum Pass gives you access to over sixty museums.
 caveat: over two CONSECUTIVE days. it costs 39Euros!
 a one day admission to the Louvre costs 10Euros.

an entire month would be insufficient time to see everything at the Louvre, and two consecutive days
 would be an exhausting marathon, not an enjoyable vacation.

what we did was take it in on two non-consecutive days, and planned ahead on what we
wanted to see. (more on this later).

if you've been paying attention, by buying the museum pass we paid 49Euros per person
 for what should have cost us 20Euros! as for waiting on line? well, you really should be at the museum
 VERY early if you intend on seeing a major work like the Mona Lisa with a minimum of crowding.
added benefit? -short admission lines. :-)




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