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Iconoclast Media » Blog Archive » Soul Summit 2012: "SOUL SUMMIT 2012
Posted On: July 11, 2012

Shot at historic Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn, Soul Summit is a yearly homage to House Music. Fans come from all over the country to participate in the outdoor festival and party of music made popular by legendary DJ Larry Levan, Louie Vega and others."

{must see video}[ero]


fun opening scene, woke me up!

initially i was caught up in the clarity of the music,crystal!

the transitions are mesmerizing as well, interesting storytelling, Chuck.

quite frankly the heat came across as very real. !!! but the camera led the way and i willingly followed.

there was only one almost imperceptible bump at the very beginning, (and i see what the tradeoff was) insignificant  and only noticeable within the context of the rest of the document.


at the seven minute mark, my body was jonzin' for my morning java jive and though that was a bit distracting i would not stop the video nor pull away.

 the realization that i was somewhere far away and could not return so easily was clear signal that this is special.

good job!

at one point you found the Brat-Packers and stuck with them, this moved the narrative and made the bigger statement which you call out in your credits.


i had to watch it twice.

the credits made me laugh, audibly, typical of you, you just HAD to wrist-slap the no-shows. ha! always. luvitt!

Chuck, i don't know how much better you can get, you've pulled off a very interesting and informative, wordless 15-minute documentary that does the House community justice.

an artiste you are. thank you for sharing with us.

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