"Feet/socks - we put a thick layer of HikeGoo/Vaseline on our feet every morning, then we pulled on our socks right over the HikeGoo/Vaseline (Vaseline is available in every Farmacia). Alex had a grand total of two small blisters during her Camino. Sage also had a grand total of two small blisters. I treated the blisters by duct-taping them. I did not puncture them, use a needle-and-thread, put any ointment on them, or use Compeed. I just stuck duct tape over them so the girls couldn't feel them while hiking. The duct tape came off by itself at the end of each day, no pulling or ripping off needed. All four blisters healed well, without infection, and without the drama that comes from sticking a needle in your child's foot

. I purposefully did not wash their socks often because the HikeGoo/Vaseline worked its way into the fibers during the day and turned the socks into a non-smelly glove-type-thing that felt good on the feet. Every morning, more Vaseline was added to the foot and therefore more Vaseline got into the sock...which seemed to increase the effectiveness of the sock. I only washed the socks when enough dirt/grit got stuck into the fibers to produce friction against the skin."

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