111th Street Salsa Street Party and Old Timers Stickball Game

111th Street Salsa Street Party:

 "43rd Annual Old Timers Reunion Festival -  Salsa bands and dance performances to be announced.  Plus plenty of classic salsa music by DJ Efram.  Held annually for more than 43 years, usually on the 2nd Sunday of July in El Barrio, Spanish Harlem, upper Manhattan.  This is an outdoor street event which involves salsa bands & a salsa DJ, dancing, stickball games, food, and all the other typical NYC street fair activities.
The stickball games are from 7:00 AM to around 12:00 noon, and then the street party goes from approximately noon until 7:00 PM, with the bands beginning around 1:00 PM.

   The rest of the time there is the DJ playing mostly salsa and other Latin music.  And of course there are also stands selling almost everything from T shirts to games & CD's and food.  The location is the several blocks of 111th Street between Lexington and Lenox Avenues.   The food area is probably on 111th Street between 5th & Madison Avenues, and the bands are on 111th Street between 5th & Lenox Avenues.  The salsa dancing and stage area are set up in a huge playground of a neighborhood school, where restrooms are available (bring your own toilet paper!)."


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