The Roundtable: Organized Labor | City & State

The Roundtable: Organized Labor | City & State: "Diane Savino
New York State Senator, Chair of Senate Committee on Labor

Q: What are the key issues facing organized labor?"

Q: What are the key issues facing organized labor?

DS: While there are broad issues that affect all labor organizations—like income security, maintaining gains and benefits, protecting retirement security— there are many individual and unique challenges facing the various sectors. The battle over Tier VI should serve as a wake-up call to all of us in labor that the only way to prevent further erosion and build toward a stronger future for workers is to go back to our roots: workers banding together for mutual aid and protection. We are seeing growth in nonorganized sectors, car washes and fast food; it is incumbent upon all of us to see to it that these workers are organized into a strong union. Legislating improvements in terms and conditions for workers is fine, but nothing protects workers like a strong viable union. Friendly legislators come and go, but the union is forever.

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