Ground Zero Cross now at St. Peter's, Barclay St., NYC

They, the holy ones and weakly,
Who the cross of suffering bore,
Folded their pale hands so meekly,
Spake with us on earth no more!
~~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. 1807–1882
[Footsteps of Angels]

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Ken Mac said...

hey! Thanks for the recent comments. I do remember Bleecker St cinema, though never actually went there. No clue as to what the 57th street theater was. Remember the Regency near the old Tower on 67th? Pure revival house...long gone...

Ken Mac said...

Biograph! i remember that though I never went. When I first came to NY in 87 I was so broke...all the time. But the Regency was close to Tower where I worked, so a no brainer. There was also a swell French bakery next door, volo vuagh...something like that. Excellent!

♥ Braja said...

For some reason I really like that cross; obviously (or maybe not) it's made from some part of the building?

Me-Me King said...

Thanks for sharing these photos; otherwise, I would probably never get the chance to see this memorial.

Laura Jayne said...

That is so moving. We had one of the fire trucks that had been crushed come through our community along with a tangled bit of steel. We all came out to the route to stand silently as it passed by. There was not a dry eye lining that street.