i'm a Groucho Marx-ist

The Screaming Me-Me!!! Blog lists Groucho quotes today.

it got me to reminiscing about an old TV show back when i played with dinosaurs.

Groucho had a TV show, You Bet Your Life, where he would interview contestants, then they'd compete in a quiz, for prize money.

each show had a "secret word" that only Groucho and the Audience would know. if during the show a contestant happened to say the secret word , he would win a hundred dollars. a duck bearing a Groucho-mustache would drop down holding a $100 in its bill.

one show when Groucho explained "if you say the secret word you can win a hundred dollars".

the contestant immediately replied "the secret word". . . the audience howled! :-)


well, Groucho was visibly livid that a contestant had one-upped him. he did pay the contestant, but he cautioned that this would be the last time he would honor this particular response.

anyway, that's my anecdote. i've been a Groucho fan ever since. :-)

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Kate said...

I loved Harpo. Because he didn't speak and I was very shy when I was young and hardly spoke a word either. And I was desperate to have my own harp for years!

Coffee Messiah said...

Groucho-Marxist.....funny ; )

Thanks for stopping by and your comment. Blogging should be that way, since we are sharing our experience's with others around the world, but many can't seem to find the time.

I haven't been to NY since I was a teen with my parents, and was sorry I never asked to go to Greenwich Village at the time.

My memory was how long it took from the airport to get to our hotel downtown and the miserable, long cab ride through town. He was a scary driver.

I enjoyed the most, Sunday, walking through Wall Street, looking at the huge buildings and no one around.

I'd enjoy it now despite crowds and we hope to make it one day soon, especially since we now know a few people in and around the area.


♥ Braja said...

Humph. Not very sporty of the funny man, huh?

♥ Braja said...

Hey I'm back :) Just to answer your query about the "no swimsuits" thing. No there's not: India is a very chaste country, both men and women alike. No woman would ever wear less than a sari or pants and shirt in the water, it's just not done. You don't see Indians in swimsuits ever...maybe the men will wear swim shorts. That's it. It's a very traditional and old fashioned place that way. And it's don't get perved at :)

Me-Me King said...

Awwwww, shucks. I love your title - "Groucho Marx-ist".