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"The Butler and Bagman Chronicles:
'I hate it when people at work called it hump day. Not all of us hate work that much.'"


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{HUMPDAY by ~Misterichart}

>>>I hate it when people at work called it hump day.  Not all of us hate work that much.<<<

 well at least it has an alias.
it could be worse, it could be . . .  Tuesday.

 (excuse us,  the weatherman just said that we can expect
 nine to fifteen inches by tonight,
and our girlfriend  SHRIEKED! out loud.

she loves snow?

who knew?)

anyhow, as we were saying . . .
Tuesday has no alias because it has no meaning.
 think about it, Tuesdays don't mean a darn thing.

what's so special about Tuesday?

take it from day one.  Sunday.

Sunday is special because one has had  one day,
 Saturday, to recover from the workweek,
or because it's the day after the Sabbath,
 or because one goes to Mass, or to Service,

 or because it's Easter and there's a parade somewhere,
or its Super Bowl Sunday (yay!),

or because its a good day to visit family,
or to have Sunday Brunch, or do the NY Times Crossword Puzzle,

or because its the last day before returning to work,
or simply because its the first day of the week,
 or the last depending on how one measures weeks.

then there's Monday.

 the Mamas and the Papas used to sing about
 Monday. Monday.  tra-la-lala-lala . . .

there's Monday blues,
its the first day of the workweek . . .
or it’ observes some Holiday or other,

 or its the first day of one's vacation,

 or its the last day which means something
before a day which means nothing. :-)

skip Tuesday for the moment . . .


 Yes. it's Humpday!

the middle of the workweek.

yer on a roll now. the weekend beckons.

 restaurants, bars, assorted entertainments are booming.

 quite possibly, its the day before Payday,
or the day before the day before Payday,

 in which case,
 it's Date Nite, or Bar Nite.
 c'mon celebrate!
 yer over the hump . . . .

 Payday, or the day before Payday.

 no matter, tomorrow is Friday.

Thursday has meaning.
 at the least its not Tuesday.

Friday,  Thank G-D!

new movies open,
 the end of the week,
Payday,  or the day after,
 Party Night, Date Night,
Can--Stay-Out-All-Night Nite.

 Because tomorrow is Saturday.

 start of the weekend, end of the workweek,
 if'n  it don't get done today it can wait until Monday.

by then everything will be forgiven or forgotten.

 Thank G-D it's Friday!

Saturday: the Sabbath,
 cleaning, chores, hangovers, movies,.

Saturday . . In The Park, I guess it was the Fourth of July . . .

all of which give meaning to Saturday.


so there.
now what about Tuesday?
Bye, Bye Ruby Tuesday . . .

 Tuesday has absolutely  no meaning.

okay, take that back . . .

Tuesday has the one meaning.

once a year Tuesday is Election Day
 when we get to elect  the people
 we will hold responsible for all the lousy Tuesdays
  we'll have for the rest of the year.

 the onliest meaning that Tuesday has.


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