DOE Releases List Of Proposed Teacher Layoffs -

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{He may be willing to cut a deal for male teachers.
male gym teachers.
 in shorts. in private.}

DOE Releases List Of Proposed Teacher Layoffs -

"The city wants to make it clear just how messy teacher layoffs would be this year under current state law. Numbers show the extremely disproportionate impact the layoffs would have across the city, with more than 100 schools scheduled to lose 25 percent or more of their teachers and 325 other schools spared completely.

All of the DOE's projections are based on Mayor Michael Bloomberg's preliminary budget, calling for 4,675 teacher layoffs, and then the state law, requiring layoffs be done according to reverse-seniority. It's known as 'Last-In, First-Out,' since the teachers hired most recently are the first to go. For months, the mayor has been pushing for Albany to repeal the policy, and last week, lawmakers introduced legislation."
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