Instruction Manual for Life

Instruction Manual for Life [cc]


piano score written/performed by QualiaSoup

To watch in super-sharp high quality:
closed-captions in:
—German [by Patrick Mächler, bCurious2 & Vasco]
—Portuguese [by AcidZero]
—Spanish [by ArmandoXIII]
—Hebrew [by RoeyTNT]
—Croation [by Mladen Culic]
For those critics who read this video as an 'attack', or commentary on one specific religious/political/ideological group, a message: look deeper.

For those who accuse this video of condemning one entire population, a question: if this had been a story about an abusive dog owner, would you be suggesting I was condemning ALL dog owners? No. So don't be facile — stories don't have to represent every single experience. This video specifically addresses the folks who do go through events similar to this — and I've had literally 100s of messages saying, 'This was/is my experience!' — are they all 'wrong'? Just in case they aren't, this video stands for them

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